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Walter White BX1 - A Brand new Mephisto Artisanal strain (+ Limited Edition drop and a free strain!)

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2024-01-11 09:47:45 +0000
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Walter White BX1 - A Brand new Mephisto Artisanal strain (+ Limited Edition drop and a free strain!)

Howdy Meph-Heads!

We want to start by wishing everybody a very happy New Year; 2024 is looking bright already from Meph HQ and our first drop of the year is already right around the corner. We’re buzzing to announce our newest Artisanal strain, Walter White BX1 (Walter White F5 bx ‘The White’) dropping on January 8th! We’ve also got a brand new set of Limited Editions to drop, with a nice early-adopter discount and another brand new free Walter White BX1 cross to giveaway with all seed orders, keep scrolling for more details. Walter White is a strain that is close to our hearts, one of our very first strains that started development almost 15 years ago; and now, after a further 5 years of refinement we’re ready to drop our brand new Walter White backcross.


Walter White BX1 shot by our very own @jimbo_mephisto


A New Generation of Autoflowers

Here’s a little excerpt from our Walter White BX1 strain description:

Walter White Bx1 isn’t our first backcross; with our Artisanals line we put in the work and take things to a level that not many others do. As with our Livers BX1 project which took 12 generations of breeding to get to the point of release; our Walter White BX1 has been a labour of love, beginning the second outcross to our cut of Krome’s ‘The White’ in 2018. After another 5 generations of work and diligent selections we’re now delighted to bring you Walter White BX1. We’ve fine-tuned this strain to perfection, more indica leaning than our Original Walter White and closer to the photoperiodic parent ‘The White’, with a more subdued aroma and absolutely insane trichome coverage. 

The flavour profile of Walter White Bx1 is a complex blend of musky fuel and fermenting tropical fruits, with a sedative effect that gently eases you into a state of relaxation. Its structure is more compact and robust compared to the Original, featuring tighter internodal spacing and a bushier growth pattern.

In essence, Walter White Bx1 is not just a new strain to add to our catalogue; it's a tribute to the timeless journey of Mephisto Genetics, a blend of past and present and a journey back to the future. It's a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of autoflower breeding. Hop in our Delorean and welcome to the future.


A brand new Walter White BX1 strain sticker will also be available.


The Walter White BX1 Limited Edition drop menu! 


A New Limited Edition Drop, a free strain and early-adopter discount!

As has become customary in these parts, along with the drop of Walter White BX1, we’re also introducing some brand new Limited Editions. A little explanation for those not in the know: Originally the Mephisto Genetics Limited Edition line was intended to be a genuine once-and-done Limited Edition offering, which back in the day could have been seeds just from one plant, however as our little company has grown and evolved over the years so did the line and the methodology behind it. As demand grew and we wanted to get these gems into more customers' hands, Limiteds became a further worked strain, taken to F3 with more seeds available. However, we’ve switched up our breeding processes for this new format whereby we’ll release our brand new Artisanal strain with carefully selected standout hybrids to accompany them.

On drop day expect a choice of 9 Walter White BX1 true Limited Editions F1 hybrids, only available in feminised 5 seed packs at Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Grape White Ape
4 Assed Monkey x Walter White Bx1
A unique blend of musky grape aromas with dense, resinous buds. Expect a delightful synergy of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation.

Grapey Walter BX1
Grape Crinkle x Walter White Bx1
Back on the menu, Grapey Walter Bx1 is a rich, grape-infused flavour profile with a potent, euphoric high. Expect a compact girl with dense trichome coverage, an ideal pick for the flavour hunters amongst you.

Gus Scout Cookies
Forum Stomper x Walter White Bx1
A stand-out strain with a sweet, cookie-like aroma and balanced high. It provides an uplifting yet soothing experience, perfect for both daytime and evening use.

Sundae Thumper x Walter White Bx1
Expect lashings of frosty trichomes and a potent, relaxing effect that soothes the body while elevating the mind. Coming in with a fruit-filled ice-cream lip-smacking flavour.

Pearl Drops
Toof Decay x Walter White Bx1
Pushing the indica aspect of WWBX1, expect extra, double-dosed fermented fruit and sweet, sweet citrus. A girl with dense, resinous buds and a relaxation station body-high.

Strawbba the Hutt (Skywalker x Strawberry Nuggets) x Walter White Bx1
One of our all-time favourite Illuminautos combining forces with the Heisenbergian prowess of Walter White Bx1. Expect Death Star levels of trichome density and twin-sun ripened fruits & strawberry sour with a soothing, grounding effect that could calm even the most agitated Wookiee.

Rose Gold
Strawberry Nuggets x Walter White Bx1
Short and stocky, expect a heavy indica hybrid with a flavour profile to die for and frost levels up the wazoo. 

Pinot Noir x Walter White Bx1
Zinfandel is a connoisseur’s delight, elegantly offering a complex profile of berry and earthy flavours. Bold in flavour and depth, a fine vintage with a uplifting high.

White Raven
Walter White Bx1 x Ravenberry
Featuring a unique, sharp berry aroma with a hint of diesel. White Raven delivers a potent, invigorating high that stimulates the mind while relaxing the body

And last, but certainly not least…

White Wedding
Mephisto's Wedding x Walter White Bx1
A perfect union, White Wedding offers a celebratory blend of sweet, earthy aromas with a powerful, euphoric high. An ideal uplift strain, with intense and complex flavours, a marriage made in heaven.

A 5 pack of White Wedding will be included with all seed orders until 11:59pm on Sunday 21st of January, or while stocks last. Note, this product will not show in your cart but will be added by our packing team when they’re getting your order ready for shipping. This does not affect your normal freebies.

In addition, we have a tasty surprise for early adopters! We’re giving 20% off these new Limiteds for those who purchase 4 or more packs of them during their first two weeks of release. Offers end at 11:59pm Sunday 21st of January or while stocks last.

See our FAQs below.


Top shot, by @jimbo_mephisto

How do I get my hands on White Wedding?
All seed orders will come with a free 5 seed pack of White Wedding, while our stocks last. Please note, the product won’t show in your cart or in your order confirmation! Our packing team will add them to your order when we’re packing your order. While stocks last!

Do I need to order Walter White BX1 or a new Limited Edition to get White Wedding?
Nope! If your order contains any pack of seeds your order will qualify! Please note, White Wedding is while our stocks last and runs until 11:59pm on Sunday 21st January.

Which strains are included in the 20% off discount?
All 9 of our new Limited Edition crosses (listed above)! Our store will be open as usual, but our other strains are not part of this particular promotion. 

Does the discount automatically apply?
Yep! Add 4 or more of our new Limiteds for 20% off the Limiteds in your cart.

Do I get 40% for buying 8 crosses or more?
Nope! The discount is capped at 20%.

Can I buy multiple packs of the same cross to get the discount?
Yep! 4 or more packs in any combination will apply the discount.

Is Walter White BX1 included in the discount?
Nope, just the 9 new Limited Edition strains.

Why is there no strain information for the crosses?
All of these crosses are F1s, much like you might find in our Illuminauto line.

Will the discount affect my freebie tier?
Yes, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs. We’ve got stickers and other small items available if you find yourself a few dollars short of a tier 🐷🌱

Does using my Piggy Points affect my freebie tier?
Yes! As above, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs. 

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Walter White BX1 - A Brand new Mephisto Artisanal strain (+ Limited Edition drop and a free strain!)

A brand new Artisanal strain is dropping on January 8th 2024. Walter White BX1  isn’t our first backcross; we’ve fine-tuned this strain to perfection, more indica leaning than our Original Walter White and closer to the photoperiodic parent ‘The White’, with a more subdued aroma and absolutely insane trichome coverage.